Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Long Overdue Update

Hello lovelies.

I know I have been totally MIA - I was hoping I would get some concrete news from PC before I updated again, but alas, the situation is as follows.

A few weeks ago, I think it was May 27th, I got a phone call from my placement specialist. I had my final interview, and it went GREAT. He told me he was clearing me for placement, and I was SOOOO excited. However, it was followed by a bombshell. My program for 2011 was full, and the soonest I could go in my nominated program (Environmental and Water Resources Engineering) was January-March 2012, and even that wasn't for certain. He told me he could do a teaching position for Math or Science or possibly a health position. I asked if I could think over it for a bit before getting back to him. I was devastated, even though I knew this was a high possibility with the budget cuts. With my engineering degree, I have really had my heart set on doing water work. After thinking it over for the weekend, I told him I would rather wait for January-March 2012 departures. If I don't get a water slot then, we can discuss another slot, or I can just put PC on hold knowing that it will be there for me in the future.

On a better note, I just got back from a 2 week trip around Europe! It was for my graduation, and it was amazing. I traveled with one of my best friends from college, Laura, and we went all over the place. We did a week in Italy, visiting Venice, Florence, and Rome, and then went to Amsterdam, Paris, and London. It was great to travel and see all these sites I've always wanted to see.

I also have a job that will hopefully work out in the coming days. I'm still getting the details worked out, but it would be great to get some experience and money!

I'll try to be better with updating this in the future - it's just been a really rough few weeks with the PC news and then all my traveling!