Saturday, November 13, 2010


Current Location: New York, NY

Hello world! I am back in NYC and doing work, but I wanted to catch everyone up on my weekend in Tennessee and other news. I had a great weekend chilling out in Tennessee with Nick! It's really nice to have a trip that I have absolutely NOTHING that I am required to do. When I was in Chicago, I had a visit to U of I, when I was home I had a wedding to attend, and other weekend have including having to see family in town, get scuba certified, and volunteer at an event. Even though I wasn't in town, this weekend included lots of loafing around, watching movies, and playing with the kitty. Yes, Nick has the cutest little black kitten ever!!! I don't have a pet, either at home or at school, so it's so much fun to get to play with one. She's a bit of a spazz, but when she calmed down and curled up, I died a little bit. I tried to smuggle her back to NYC, but for some unknown reason, Nick objected. Go figure.

So while in Tennessee, we did a few fun things, other than watching movies, playing with Kitty (which has a name by the way, I just can't remember how to spell it. I just call her Kitty), and loafing/sleeping. First, we went and saw the movie RED, which I highly recommend to anyone who hasn't seen it. Helen Mirren with a machine gun - totally worth price of admission! It has a great cast - John Malkovich, Morgan Freeman, and Bruce Willis. It was really funny, so I enjoyed it immensely. The second thing we did was see my aunt and uncle. Funny story - so 2 weeks before I went to Chicago, and saw my Uncle Phil and Aunt Paula. So we were talking and I mentioned I was heading to Tennessee. Well we realized the weekend I was going to see Nick was the same weekend they were coming to see my cousin Chris, who also goes to Tennessee! We all met up for dinner one night which was great - I probably haven't seen Chris in over 5 years! Dinner had a few issues - the place we went to we discovered the Chef had walked out 2 days before, so they were out of tons of stuff. We managed to find enough they had for a good meal, and it was great to see them. I then flew back at the ungodly time of 6 AM, and spent Sunday catching up on some work.

So other news? Well, I am not traveling again until JANUARY for Chile - thats 1.5 months of no travel. As much as I love traveling, I am a bit behind and it's going to be nice to be relaxed and not worrying about flights and everything. Though it's going to be getting cold! In a week and a half, Thanksgiving comes around. I'm excited - Laura, Lucy and I are going to have a vegetarian thanksgiving feast! Since none of us eat meat, we won't have to worry about a turkey and instead will make all sorts of delicious things! Plus 4 days off of classes? It's gonna be great!

Then after Thanksgiving, I have my Peace Corps interview! I'm so excited for it! I'm nervous, but I can't wait to hear more about what possibilities there are for me. It's a scary thought, leaving for 2 years, but it's something I feel so passionate about and would be so excited for! I will certainly keep everyone updated on what happens. I am also looking at some other options in case this doesn't work out, but it is definitely my first choice. Fingers crossed! Then we have Christmas, New Years, and then Chile! I will definitely keep everyone updated as things progress. XOXOXO

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