Friday, August 31, 2012

Catch up or "The First Six Months"

I know, I've been awful at writing lately. My Top 5 Fridays kinda came to an end, and I've had problems being motivated to write posts. In order to catch up, I am going to write a list of interesting things that have happened in these first months!

  • I actually learned Spanish!
  • I completely designed a water system that is 8 kilometers long and will serve over 50 families
  • I secured funding for over half of my aqueduct
  • I got a parasite
  • I've visited the Capital, Manabao, Santiago, Jarabacoa, Las Galleras, La Vega, and Cotui
  • I've read 30 books
  • However, I also managed to break my kindle
  • I've watched Game of Thrones,
  • I built my own house (or, my community built me a house, but almost the same thing!)
  • I moved into said house
  • I survived my first tropical storm in the campo, including crossing a waist high river to get to my house
  • I was gifted a kitten (Tiguere) and a puppy (Candi) in the span of 3 days
  • I got Dengue Fever
So yes, I have had an adventurous first 6 months in country. It's crazy how fast the time here is going. The new volunteers came into country about a week and a half ago, so my group is no longer the newbies! Things are going fairly well - I'm still in the capital recovering from Dengue, which wasn't too fun. I'll be returning to site hopefully tomorrow to get settled in and start taking care of my babies, Tiguere and Candi, once more. I've still got another almost 21 months to go, so there is a lot of time for things to get done. I'm hoping to maybe begin construction on my water system before the end of this year, but for that to happen, I have a lot of hard work ahead of me!

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  1. In a few days I'll have been here for 5 months, and I can't believe it. Time really has flown by (not what I was told to expect at all!). You have done a lot!! Bon travail!