Thursday, July 22, 2010

Brussels and Sickness :(

Current Location: Paris, France

I had an AMAZING day Sunday in Brussels, followed by not quite as great a week so far :(

Sunday I got up early to catch a 8 AM train from Paris to Brussels. The train was fine - it took around an hour and 15 minutes. I got off and walked to the city square of Brussels. Luckily I didn't get lost once and found it just fine. Since I had such a limited amount of time in Brussels, I really wanted to see as much as possible, so I took a biking tour! It was a 4 hour bike tour, from 10 AM to 2 PM and we got to see SO MUCH of the city! I had forgotten how fun it is to bike! I was rather rusty at first... I may or may not have crashed into a trash can when going at first. However, I got the hang of it fairly quickly, and after that it was great. Brussels is such a cute little city, and the main square is so beautiful. On the tour we also stopped and got fries (which were AMAZING) and some Belgian beer. After the tour I went and got some belgian chocolates - yum! Then it was back to the train station. I wish I could have spent more time there, but I got to see a lot in the amount of time I was there.

Sadly, after that busy day, the lack of sleep all caught up with me, and I woke up Monday morning very sick. A combination of a head cold and allergies basically made my head feel like it was going to explode from pressure. Also the drainage gave me a sore throat, so it was all in all not a good feeling. I skipped that afternoons activity, which was a tour of the Louvre that I was really looking forward to. The bit of rest I got really helped, and I started feeling better Tuesday but still not great. I made it through the day though, which was the important part. That evening I went out and got a delicious crepe for dinner with a few girls. However, I was still tired, and I ended up falling asleep before my conference call that night.

Wednesday I continued feeling slowly better and we had a really fun afternoon. We had a walking tour of Montmartre! We learned so much more history of the area than I had ever known, and it's just such a fun area. After the tour we did some browsing at adorable little shops. That evening we had dinner at Refuge des Fondus, a yummy little fondue restaurant. Best part though - the served their glasses of wine in baby bottles!!! Funniest pictures ever will be posted soon on facebook! Its definitely my new favorite way to drink wine! After dinner, I brilliantly decided to go to a bar with everyone, which was lots of fun, but I woke up this morning STILL not completely better. Maybe some rest tonight will make me better for this weekend!

Today we are going to see the play Cyrano de Bergerac, which should be really fun! I can't believe we are so close to the end of the trip. I fly home a week from Saturday, and turn around immediately for my trip to Ghana. I hope to continue to update this blog so everyone can follow what I am up to! It will be a completely different world, and I can't wait to discover it! Plus I think it will really help me solidify my plans for after graduation. Love to all, and check back in a few days to hear about what my weekend holds for me! Hopefully lots of fun (last weekend in Europe - yikes!)

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