Monday, July 5, 2010

Paris and my Program!

Current Location: Paris, France

I've been so busy I haven't had time to update this! I have been having a great but busy time these past few days in Paris.

On Friday, me and my mom got up fairly early and headed to Sacre Coeur. It was a beautiful church on a hill in the Montmartre area. It was quite a walk up the stairs, but it was totally worth it! The view is breathtaking! After that, we went to the Musee d'Orsay to see the amazing paintings there. There are hundreds of Monet's, Manet's, Renoir's, and Van Gogh's - it's absolutely amazing. It really makes our museums in the US look very small. We were tired that night, so we went out and bought some bread, cheese, and fruit and watched the Uruguay-Ghana soccer match. I was SO FURIOUS with the end - don't even get me started.

Saturday was MOVE IN! I slept in - I had been having problems sleeping, and it was raining, so we decided to not go do anything that morning. Around 2, I caught a cab and headed into our dorms. They weren't supposed to be ready until 4, but luckily, they were all clean when we got there! I moved in at exactly the same time as another girl, Katy, and we have been getting along really well. We went and explored the area, and that night was an early night - almost everyone was so jet lagged, they needed to rest. I'd been so busy that I've needed a few days to catch up on sleep too!

Sunday we took a boat cruise down the river Seine. It was a gorgeous day, and we got a delicious lunch and got to see the views. Since it was the first Sunday of the month, the museum's were all free, so we went to Orsay (again for me). There were several wings I hadn't seen, so it wasn't too repetitive for me :) After that we headed back and got some much needed rest - It was a pretty far walk from the Eiffel Tower to the Museum!

Today was our (somewhat) first day of class. In actuality, it was the French placement exam. I already know my level - complete beginner! So I didn't have to take the test, so I chatted with the other girl who is a beginner and the professor that is traveling with us. It was a nice morning. After that, we stopped by a Patisserie and got some brunch before heading shopping! I found a cute dress! After that we went to pick up food for our rooms. I got cereal and exciting things like that. The cost wasn't terrible - I'm glad the Dollar is doing fairly well next to the Euro or I would be broke in no time!

This week is consisting of several exciting things. French classes start tomorrow, which I am so excited for! On Wednesday, we are going to the Museum of Wine for a tour and wine tasting event! Thursday is a tour of one of the neighborhoods nearly. And Friday, after class I am heading to Nice for the weekend with Courtney! I am so exciting to finally see the south of France :) We will see what adventures come of it. Ta Ta for now!

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