Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Time is FLYING by!

Current Location: Paris, France

Seriously, where did this month go??? I don't understand it - seems like just yesterday I was getting here, and I fly home on Saturday! I'm going to miss it - I've been having a great time, so much fun! Lucky for me, I have another adventure planned immediately, so I don't have time to be sad about it!

Thursday night we went to the play, as I had mentioned. Unfortunately it was all in French - and we are talking FAST French. I read up on the play in advance, but a lot of people hadn't and even people who are advanced in French couldn't keep up with a lot of the dialogue. The scenes were amazing and the acting was really good. However, it was supposed to be 3 hours long, and I couldn't stay, as I had a test the next day as I left at intermission to study.

Friday I was very tired from the studying, so I left in the afternoon after class to take a nap. It was a glorious nap, but I slept all evening! I was going to go to the catacombs, but the line was sadly too long, and I took my nap instead. So I'm sad to say it but Friday afternoon was wasted a bit. However, I made my plans for the next day, so it wasn't a complete waste...

Saturday, I woke up early and headed to Giverny! Giverny is where Claude Monet lived and painted some of his most famous paintings - the water lilies, the willow trees, and the bridge as examples. the gardens were absolutely breathtaking. That's a job I wouldn't mind - maintaining the gardens at Giverny. I would be happy every day around those beautiful plants! That evening, we went to Versailles to see the fountain light show. It was absolutely AMAZING. The gardens are breathtaking, and the fountains were lit up and absolutely gorgeous. It was by far the "prettiest" day I have had, with all the gardens and flowers. I would love to visit Versailles again in the light and tour the house, but I don't think this trip it will be happening. Maybe next time.

Sunday was another lazy day after all the craziness of the day before. I realized for my entire time here, Sunday was the first day that I could sleep as late as I wanted, and I took full advantage of that fact. With it being my last week, I wanted to get rest and relax so I can enjoy it as well as be ready for Ghana. Sunday night we had a mini party and drinking time - played waterfall, and I will never play never have I ever again - why do I always lose????

So far its been classes as usual this week. Monday night we went for delicious crepes by the Center Pompidou - they were the best crepes I think I have had in Paris! Not too greasy or burned, just perfect! Today in class I had a group presentation on Obama that was a lot of fun. We did very well I think! Also, on Monday, Melanie was in Paris and called me, so I got lunch with her in the afternoon and hung out in the Louvre. It was nice to see someone from home in Paris (though a little random). It made me think of home :)

Tonight we are heading to the Eiffel Tower at night. I've done the Eiffel Tower twice, but never at night so I am really excited to see the city lit up! Tomorrow we have a fancy farewell dinner. Thursday I might go to EuroDisney with a few people - sure it won't compare to Disney World though! Friday we have a farewell reception, and Saturday morning I fly home. Busy few days, and I will try to get one last update or so in this week.

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  1. Oh never have I ever... haha I hate playing that game!! Even when I don't lose!