Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Peace Corps! And other stuff

Happy 50th Anniversary Peace Corps! It's so crazy to think 50 years ago the first group of people took the leap of faith to embark on this amazing journey. If it weren't for the bravery and faith of those original volunteers, I wouldn't have the opportunity to (hopefully) serve this fantastic organization! Thanks to all the Peace Corps Volunteers over the years!

On another Peace Corps note, August and September invites have started going out! Eeeeek! I want to get my medical clearance so I can get an invite as soon as possible, but there are still no updates on that. I think I'm going to email my medical assistant on Friday (4 weeks after they received my package) just to touch base and see that things are all going smoothly. The cool thing about the timeline is that I know 3 potential countries I could go to (if my nomination holds true) - Dominican Republic (August 17), Mexico (August 29), and Peru (September 15). However, knowing how many people have had their region change, I know there is a high likelihood of going elsewhere. However, it's fun to think about it! The only country I see potential issues with is Mexico - with all the drug wars going on there, my family would be extremely hesitant to my serving there. However, if that's where my skills will best help the people, I'll have to make the decision!

Other than the usual Peace Corps stuff, there isn't too much going on! These next two weeks are going to be very long - I've got so much work to get done before Spring Break! I know I've got 3 midterms, 2-3 problem sets, and a lot of work on my senior design project. However, a week from Saturday, and I'll be heading off to Nicaragua to relax in the sun! I can't wait! A full week living in a house on the beach... heavenly!

Also exciting in the past week is that one of my best friends, Meghna, got engaged! I am so happy for her! Since her boyfriend is heading to business school in Boston for 2 years, it's going to be a long engagement, but they are so perfect together, it's really meant to be! I love seeing all my friends so happy!

More later!


  1. It took OMS two months to get to my file, so hang in there! Also, Mexico is amazing (especially the non-touristy parts). I feel like you wouldn't be placed in the drug war areas.

  2. That's exactly my point! I think Mexico would be great, but my mom freaks out about it - and given every day the news talks about a death in the drug wars, I understand why. What she doesn't seem to get is that Mexico is over publicized because it's so close to the US - they don't talk about the rest of Central America in the news!

  3. Hey Jenni, a fellow NYC nominee here (and Columbia grad school alum)! My husband and I are nominated for Central or South America leaving in August. Me in Youth Dev. him in NGO Dev. We are yet to be medically cleared (I'm told they should get to us about 4 months before leaving) and since we were married in the summer, the soonest we could leave is August because of the 1 year waiting period for couples. So, we're waiting along with you! Follow our adventures on our blog: http://partnersforpeace.wordpress.com. Peace, Mari