Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Yet Another Week...

Hello world! Figured it's been about a week, so I am due for another blog post! I had quite the exciting weekend with two different visitors - needless to say I am very exhausted from the busy weekend!

Well first things first - to all my Peace Corps applicants out there, still no word on Medical. They haven't even had my paperwork for 3 weeks, and I'm not expected to leave until August or September, but I want to know ANYTHING! The waiting seriously is the worst part of it. March 4th, I'm letting myself email the person who is my medical assistant, just to see if there is a timeline for anything.

Well, this past weekend, both my friend Nick and my Mom were in the city! Nick came up to visit me after I went to Tennessee last semester. We had a really great time. I don't always get to go out and do a lot of things in the city, and we went to a comedy club one night and a jazz club another night. It was nice to do a few of the things I wish I had more time and money to do. My mom was up with Nate's mom to see my sister and Nate, but I got to see them a few times. It was unfortunate that both trips ended up on the same weekend - it let to a lot of Jenni running around trying to do things, and then a lot of exhaustion. I'm really glad both of them got to come though. I won't see my mom again until probably May, so it was nice to see her, even if it's only for a little bit.

I am really getting excited for my upcoming trip to Nicaragua. I just now realized that it's less than 3 weeks away! It should be a lot of fun - we are hoping to maybe go canopying, and maybe visit a cool historical city there. Eve if we don't do a ton of excursions, I will be happy to get some sleep and a nice tan!

It's also scary to think that there are only about 10 weeks left until my graduation. It really seems just like yesterday I was moving up to NYC, and now I'm going to be done with 4 years up here. It's bizarre, but I am so excited to see what this next part of my life brings!

Last of all, I changed the name of my blog! Thoughts?


  1. Hi Jenni,

    I am currently PC Nominee for Francophone SSA. I sent in my medical packet September 14th - and I did not hear from them until December 20th without having to send anything back in. If you are not leaving right away, it may take awhile. But if you don't hear in 3-4 months, I would call the placement office.

  2. hey! I am applying for Peace Corps too! I'm nominated for central asia working with youth. I'm just waiting for my letter telling me where. It's so hard not knowing ANYTHING.

  3. Yikes, 3-4 months? I might go insane!!! Good luck to you both!

  4. The waiting and waiting feels like forever, but then it all comes through at once. My first contact from Placement (when that finallllly happened) was followed less than a week later by receiving my invitation. So basically, you will wait and wait and wait, then a whirlwind will happen and suddenly you know where you're going. Keep on keepin on, sister.