Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Graduation Week

The last few days have seriously been a whirlwind! I finished classes, got my final grades, had my senior celebration events, and had my school's graduation! Had a few delicious dinners with my family with a few more delicious ones to come. I am going to do show a photo summary rather than write on and on about all my events.

First, we had our senior dinner, where we ate with faculty and heard about awards in the engineering college. Below is a picture of me with the dean!

Next, we had our senior gala. We got to get dressed up in long, fancy gowns and have something like a senior prom! Below is a picture of me and Laura in our ball gowns

After that, we had our "Last Lerner Pub," where we got free beer and got to dance around to great music. Below is a picture of me with my friends Lucy, Lili, and Melissa.

Then we had a senior boat cruise, to see the sites of the city. If you are on a boat, of course you have to take a titanic picture!

Then it was graduation. These are the pictures I took with my own camera of some of my fellow seas graduates. There will be much better photos from my sister with the family to come.

So yes, now I am a graduate of Columbia! Tomorrow is our commencement for the whole university! I'm so lucky to have had this opportunity.

Also, this week has been GREAT at distracting me from no Peace Corps news. Hopefully something soon, but nothing yet. I feel very lucky that I haven't yet gotten one of those emails telling me to be prepared for a change in date, but it could be coming soon. All I can do is wait and hope!

Also booked my graduation trip to europe but more on that next post! Now I must return to packing up my room :( 2 days until I leave for Gainesville!


  1. WHOOP WHOOP! Graduation!! Love the pics! and oh lord... Titanic.. psh!!

    can't wait till we are both in Gainesville.. in the meantime we'll entertain each other with our respective euro-stories :):)

  2. Congratulations, Jenni! I'm sure the last few weeks have been a whirlwind--so great that you were able to celebrate with your friends and family. :) Have a wonderful time in Europe, and best of luck with all the Peace Corps arrangements. I'll keep my fingers crossed that everything falls into place. xo