Friday, May 20, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Current Location: Gainesville, FL

Yes, I FINALLY changed location to update my "Current Location" in my blog entry. After a crazy few days, I have now made it home!

On Tuesday night, we went out to an amazing graduation dinner at Eleven Madison Park. It was so delicious - we had the 4 course meal, but it was honestly more like 7-8 with surprises. It was such a special dinner with my family. Since I might not be back to NYC before I leave, it was great to have one more amazing dinner in the city (even if my parents wallet was rather unhappy about it!). We even got a tour of the kitchen!

Wednesday was commencement, the final university event. It was a lot of fun - engineering got to bring giant inflatable hammers. We all cheered for our school and had one last hoorah. Afterwards I got to pick up my diploma and take some pictures. Even got another one with the dean!

Then it was to finish packing, attend a last few parties, and then Thursday morning bright and early pack up the car and start heading home. My dad and I were driving home, and we finished loading and left around 11:30. We drove for about 12 hours to reach Florence, SC and stayed the night there. Today we woke up at 7 AM (ughhhhhh) and drove the rest of the way. Home, sweet home. I plan on sleeping about 14 hours a night for a week to catch up on this little rest that I've gotten over the past 4 years!

I have a few exciting trips going on to help distract me while I await Peace Corps notification of where I am going (which should be in 2-4 weeks if the email sent was correct). On June 8th, I am leaving for Europe to visit my friend Laura for about 2 weeks! We plan on doing some traveling, though we don't have an itinerary in place yet. We are thinking of hitting up Rome, Venice, Barcelona, and Amsterdam, as well as London and Paris briefly, where I have been before. It should be pretty busy for me - traveling every other day will be exhausting but exciting! It will be my last trip to Europe before Peace Corps, so I'm gonna make the best of it! Then in July, the family heads to Toronto for a few days. I've also never been to Canada, so it should be a great family trip!

Still awaiting an invitation. Turned in my final transcript and diploma with date of graduation, so they have everything needed from me. Hoping to know soon. The first possible country for the two possible categories I think I could work in is Guatemala on August 8th - for the 8 week notification, I need to hear no later than June 13th. Fingers crossed that all works out and I hear something soon!

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  1. Looks like you're doing the same thing I am-- I constantly look at the Timeline and place bets with myself against the Peace corps based on what's six to eight weeks away. It's like a casino, but my chances are worse :) The house always wins, I guess!

    Hopefully soon we'll both be reminiscing about those days when we weren't busy packing up for our new lives and remembering when we were so worried about never being picked. Fingers crossed!