Friday, May 18, 2012

Top 5 Friday – Top 5 favorite Dominican Non-verbals

While I have been working to learn Spanish, I also have to learn non verbals. Thinks aren't the same here as the US - thumbs up means you support a certain political party, and shaking your head no is useless. So, I figured a list of my top 5 favorite non-verbals was in order!

  1. The finger wag. Shaking your head is useless, but if you use the finger wag, people know you mean no
  2. Pointing with your lips. This one is so funny. You don’t point with your finger, you point with your lips. In the direction of the house, the store, or which item on the shelf you want
  3. The nose crinkle. It means you don’t understand.
  4. The finger circle. When it’s too loud in a party and you want to dance, you use the finger circle to ask someone to dance with you
  5. Tacaño, or the elbow hit. It means someone who is really cheap

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