Friday, May 25, 2012

Top 5 Friday – Top 5 Ways you know you have a Doña

Oh Donas... what is there to say about Donas. Living with host families means that we have Donas, the mother of the family. Donas are absolutely amazing and hilarious. So, to honor Donas, I present this weeks top 5 list, the top 5 ways you know you have a Dona!
  1. You get yelled at for trying to take your shoes off before entering the house, even if they are completely covered in mud. Make that you are yelled at in general for not wearing shoes in the house. Walking around in just socks is NOT acceptable.
  2. After being yelled out for trying to take off said dirty shoes, the next day, those shoes are suddenly sparkling clean
  3. You get served ridiculously large portions of food for every meal, and are offered seconds even when you’ve only eaten half of what you received
  4. You are also served ridiculously sweet coffee, and are constantly asked if you need more sugar in it
  5. You have a slew of endearing nicknames – mi amor being the most common.

1 comment:

  1. Number 1 is hilarious because I am a PCV in Mexico and our youngest volunteer Sam (your age about) was ALWAYS getting yelled at by his host mom about the shoe thing! Now he is living on his own in Puebla and can even go barefoot in his own place! Ah Peace Corps-it's the little luxuries that count in the end. Loving reading about DR since we are far from ocean here.