Friday, June 8, 2012

Top 5 Friday – Top 5 Funniest T-shirts I’ve seen in the DR

In the developing world, there are a lot of shops that sell second hand clothing from the US. Because of that, you see a lot of funny shirts that you might not expect to see in the Dominican Republic. In honor of those funny shirts, I am give you this weeks top 5 Friday - the top 5 funniest shirts I've seen so far in the DR. The moral of this is to think before you donate!

  1. “Nobody Does it Better: Bridgeport Cheerleaders” Worn by a 7 year old boy
  2. A Hot Pink Girl Scouts T-shirt – worn by a grown Dominican man
  3. A Relay for Life Steering Committee t-shirt. I have a feeling the 17 year old Dominican boy didn’t organize that relay for life.
  4. A shirt with the Playboy Bunny logo – worn by a 7 year old Dominican girl. It made me sad
  5. Firefighters for Rod! Rod Smith for Governor. I found it really funny, since Rod is a family friend! 

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