Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The day I ate meat again, and more waiting...

So I haven't updated in a while, but that's really because I have had nothing worthwhile to update on. Peace Corps continues to be at a stand still - I got legal clearance, but medical still hasn't received any indication that it's going to be reviewed any time soon, even though they will have had all the paperwork for 9 weeks this Friday. April 1st marked the 4 month point from my nomination, so things should start hopefully moving a bit faster now that I'm within that time frame. It's very stressful to not know where I am going or when I am leaving, and to know it could still be several months is killer! For example, my region is Central or South America in August or September. One such country is the Dominican Republic, leaving August 17th. By the 6 week rule that the Peace Corps holds, I might not find out I was going there until July 1st. While I do know that is unlikely, the fact that I could still have to wait 3 more months is killer. Also, if things end up falling through, I'm not quite sure what I will do...

Well, on the subject of backup plans, last week I did apply for my first backup option in case Peace Corps doesn't work out. I applied for the Americorps NCCC Program. It is a 10 month commitment from September to July and you travel around with a small group doing different projects. Project areas include disaster relief, environmental conservation, and others. I think it would be a really fun back up option that I would really enjoy for a year. My only fear is if I get accepted into this program before I know about Peace Corps. It would be a difficult decision.

I cant believe that in less than 2 months I will be graduating. I got my cap and gown, so it's real. This have been so crazy this semester - I think the teachers secretly don't want me to graduate with the amount of work they are piling on to me! Things are finally starting to slow down as we reach the end of the semester. Right now the major thing I've got to work on is senior design, which is really getting to the end. Lots of late nights to be coming up to finish it all on time!

On another note, yesterday marked the end of my pescatarian ways. Yes, I ate chicken for the first time yesterday in 2.5 years. I had chicken noodle soup (actually, technically it was chicken and stars, but yeah). It tasted kinda weird to me... I mean, there isn't much chicken in it, but it's been so long since I've had chicken that it tasted bizarre. I'm going to slowly introduce chicken over the next week or two, and then start moving a little into some red meats. I know with Peace Corps I need to be able to eat meat, but I'm still talking it slow. I think my mom had a celebration - she wasn't very happy when I stopped eating meat to begin with!

That's all for now. Just continuing with end of the semester plan, getting my parents trip up in may for graduation settled, and starting to trash stuff from my room that I won't be keeping. Can't believe these four years are almost over...


  1. I think Peace Corps is starting to move to an 8-week deadline so that's slightly less of a wait :) Hopefully you don't have to wait that long though

  2. I can relate to how you feel about eating meat! I was a vegetarian (mostly vegan) for about 3.5 years and about a year ago I started introducing meat back into my diet to prepare for Peace Corps service (I started with clam chowder, then chicken and stars!!) My mom had a little celebration as well haha. I know you can stay vegetarian during service but I feel like I wouldn't be able to really integrate into the culture. I saw you are nominated for C/S America leaving August or September, I am leaving for Nicaragua on August 30th...maybe our paths will cross! Good luck, I hope you hear from them soon :)