Monday, February 7, 2011


So for now, I've quit with my "Current Location." Let's be honest, you all know I'm in NYC. It's not changing anytime soon (well, in 6 weeks I'll be in Nicaragua for a week, but prob won't have internet and therefore won't be updating there). SO yeah, for now, no more current location. It will be cool and exciting if I include it because it means I am somewhere new!

My happy news of the day is that I am dentally cleared for Peace Corps! Hooray! I wasn't really worried about that - I have no cavities or work that needs to be done, so the clearance was pretty much a check. Now the long wait for medical clearance.

I also have a question regarding invitations that if anyone knew anything and could give me some advice or personal stories would be greatly appreciated. I was nominated to leave in August/September 2011 to serve in central or south america contingent on my finishing 2nd semester college Spanish (which I am taking right now) and receiving a C or better (which I am not even a little bit worried about achieving - I took Spanish for 3 years in high school, just brushing up on vocab and grammar). I will finish the class and get my grade mid May, right when I graduate. That's 2.5 months before my expected departure date. Is the Peace Corps going to wait until they get the paperwork with the grade to invite me to a program, or are they likely to invite me contingent on that grade, so I could get all the information and paperwork in. I hate the idea of getting notified with 2 months or less, once all the paperwork is processed! Also, I'm just impatient and want to know as soon as possible. If anyone has had an invitation contingent on a class or volunteer activity, any advice could help!

Nothing else too much going on. Watched the Super Bowl last night - below is my favorite commercial of the night!

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