Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Crazy Moving Weekend!

Current Location: New York, New York

Wow, what a weekend! You think the weekends are for relaxing, but this weekend was anything but! However, I did manage to have a fair amount of fun through all the craziness.

On Saturday, I had the lucky job of heading downtown to pick up Nate and Dana's apartment keys! The super wasn't working on Sunday, which was when they were arriving, so me, being the AMAZING sister which I am (hehehe) went down to get the keys. Well, with my luck, of course the 2-3 line was not running to Brooklyn. That means that I had to transfer trains. The train I was in had a weird messed up speaker (like half the subways in NYC) so I didn't hear that the 4/5 train was running on the 2-3 track for those Brooklyn stops. So because of that, I end up taking the D, and end up a mile away from the apartment, which I have to walk in the ridiculous heat. I love me a good walk, but in that heat, it was a little brutal. I've become since a wimp since leaving Florida! So I get there and get the keys, which goes pretty much like clockwork, and then I head uptown to meet up with Laura and Chris for some super depressing window shopping. I found my engagement ring, its only $400,000!!! I also am lusting over a rung form Van Cleef, its only $2100! Now I just need to find me a man to buy me all these pretty things!!! After that we grabbed some sushi, and headed back to the apartment to rest for a few hours before going out to the W hotel bar. Unfortunately, my foot started acting up again (I forgot to wear my brace) as well as I had a headache, so I hung out at the bar for about an hour, and then heading home. I felt bad that I was being so lame, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

Then Sunday, I had to head down again to give Dana and Nate the keys, as well as to help them unload the U-haul and get settled. I am still a bit sore from all that lifting! A nice guy from the neighborhood came and helped us with some of the unloading which made it a bit easier. Then Nate and I had an epic adventure returning the U-Haul! At first they weren't going to take it and said we had to bring it to another location, but us smarties managed to trick them into keeping it. Win for us! We then walked back, and all collapsed at the apartment from exhaustion, and watched more episodes of Glee than I care to admit! I look forward to heading down later in the week once things are more settled and all the furniture has arrived and been put in place. it's a gorgeous apartment, and I think it will look great once they get unpacked!

Now I've got another basic week at work, working on postcards and other exciting projects. On Saturday though, I head back to Florida for a week to see my family and friends before my two overseas adventures this summer! I'm really looking forward to it, and it should lead to some interesting stories!

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