Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Home, Sweet Home!

Current Location: Gainesville, FL

Hello all! I am currently at home, and have been for some time, but things have been so busy that I haven't had time to post until now! It has been great being home and able to see some family and friends again and just relax. I finally have the ability to sleep in, which is one I had missed desperately.

So my journey home was on Saturday. I woke up at 5:15, and headed to the airport for my 8:15 flight. I got there with enough time to get some food and relax. It would have been perfect timing, except our flight was delayed because the TV wasn't working or something. Don't exactly know what the issue was, but after about 45 minutes, we were allowed to board and were on our way! The flight was good - take off was a little bumpy, but the flight and landing couldn't have been smoother. It's nice to have some good flights - I'm an awful flier and get very jumpy, so it calms me down when I've had some good flights.

So I get home Saturday, and it is HOT!!! The highs have been in the 90s every day, and the humidity is worse than I remember! Not living in Florida really messes with being used to the weather, so whenever I step outside, I'm almost dying. So both my parents pick me up at the airport - my dad came to surprise me since he had said he needed to do some work that morning, so that was a happy surprise. We made it home in good time and munched a bit around the house. My grandma, Mama Doris came over to the house and we had a delicious dinner of oysters, shrimp, and mashed potatoes! I've missed these home cooked meals!

Sunday was another fairly lazy day. I've been so exhausted without having much of a break since January. Spring break had a lot of traveling, and right when classes ended I headed to North Carolina for my sister's graduation, and when I got back to NYC, it was right back to working 35 hours a week. I was allowed to sleep in late, and most of the day was a bum around sort of day. However, that night I headed over to my friend Nick's parents house to watch the True Blood season premiere. One of his friends, Nichole, who I think I might have met once, also came, so it was a lot of fun. We had cherry and black vodka jello shots in honor of the show, which was pretty funny! It was a nice night and good to get out.

Monday was a fairly busy day for me with appointments. I woke up early that morning to go visit my high school guidance counselor, Mr. Mercer. He has always been great to me, and whenever I'm home, I try to visit and keep him updated on all the crazy things I've been up to. I had a nice chat with him, and then in the afternoon, I went to get my hair colored. Due to lots of pressure from my friends, I decided to go blonder again, even though the upkeep is a bit harder. I really like it a lot though, so I am pleased. Diana is the best at coloring hair, I am always happy with my results from her! I got some layers in my hair too. That night, I was feeling a bit of cabin fever, so I headed over to Nick's apartment, and we watched SuperBad. I hadn't seen that movie in forever, and I laughed a lot! Forgot how funny it was :)

Yesterday was a very special day - it was my Daddy's birthday!!! My parents continued to be nice and let me sleep in, which I really appreciated. We drove my dad to the station to drop him off for his show, and then my mom and I headed to Best Buy, where I got a new digital camera! My old camera had been having some issues with focusing and taking pictures, and with my travels this summer I needed a new one. It's super cute, its a Canon with 14 MP resolution. The pictures it takes are great, and I've gotta explore it to see all the special features it has. For dinner that night, we headed to Ember's a really great restaurant in Gainesville. We had a fantastic dinner for my dad's birthday - our waitress was named Jennifer as well! The food was really good, I got salmon, Mama Doris got coconut shrimp, my mom got a filet mignon, and my dad got a 22 oz porterhouse! That steak scared me!

Today is a chill day as well. I'm about to head to lunch with Mama Doris and might have some fun plans with Lauren tonight. We will see!

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