Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fam in NYC + I Hate Visa Applications

Current Location: New York, NY

This blog is in two parts - one is the happy part of spending time with my family in NYC, and the second part is the wanting to tear my hair out dealing with Visa applications! SO I'm going to do the happy family in NYC part first, so that you can skip over my ranting in the second part if you don't care to read it.

So Saturday early myself, my mom, and my dad all flew into NYC! The flight was pretty good and we landed in NYC before 9 AM, so we had a long day ahead of us. Unfortunately I didn't sleep the night before so I was pretty sleepy. We took a cab over to Dana and Nate's apartment and spent the day exploring Brooklyn and Prospect Park. That evening, we went to Grimaldi's - best pizza in NYC, right by the Brooklyn Bridge! We had to wait in line for a while, but it was worth it! I subwayed it back up to COlumbia that night, and I slept VERY well. I was sleepy!

Sunday was Father's day! I went that morning and ran a few errands - Needed to get passport photos for my visa app (more on that later). Family came up to Columbia, and we went for a delicious brunch at Community! The rest of that day was for me time, which was needed.

Monday night we had a delicious dinner at Del Posto! I had some amazing fish, and it was really a great dinner. 3 bottles of wine between 5 people, so I would say a REALLY good dinner! Tuesday night (yesterday) we did drinks and the dessert buffet at the top of the Marriott in Times Square. It's a rotating restaurant, so you get a 360 degree view of the city! Meghan came as well as the family + Nate, so it was a really fun evening. Tonight we have tickets to see Memphis, tomorrow dinner with our grandparents, and friday dinner at Blue Smoke, so its going to end up being a really great week.

Now to the not so great part. I HATE Visa Applications. Seriously, so much can go wrong and it takes forever! On a bright note, my Ghana Visa has been approved so I am now for sure going!!! But man, what a process. On Monday I skipped work to go, and sat at the embassy for 2 hours before having my number called. Then, when it was called, I was told I needed a "Letter of Invitation." However, since I didn't have one, they said a copy of my school ID was fine. So I went and did that, and waited for another 15 minutes or so and then got my whole application accepted. Day 1 was done. Then Day 2. I was told my Visa would be ready for pick up at 2 PM the next day. So I put in a half day of work, and left at 1 to go downtown to pick up my Visa. So I get there, hand over my receipt with everyone else and wait for them to call my name. So they call EVERYONE but me... so I'm just sitting there waiting. Finally they come and tell me that I actually do need the letter of invitation. I'm just like seriously? So they tell me to come back with it Wednesday and I'll be fine. SO I got the letter, and I showed up today at 10 AM, the second they opened. And FINALLY, it was approved, and my passport is back in my possession. Frustrating process, but I'm so glad its done!

I've also had the joy of packing this week. I have the most annoying packing situation. 1, I am packing for my month in Paris. 2, I am packing for my month is Ghana, because there is about 24 hours between my 2 flights, and everything else, I am packing for storage. SO MUCH PACKING! I am getting a good amount done, so that is optomistic.

That's all for now. Got the show and 2 dinners this week, and then official move out on SAturday. Staying 2 nights on the couch in Brooklyn, and Monday is flying to Paris! I will try to update once more before Paris, and in Paris I plan on updating most days. Keep following and checking in for more posts!

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