Friday, June 4, 2010

Working Girl

Current Location: New York, NY

It's Friday!!! SO I haven't updated this week because in all honesty there hasn't been much to update on. I came home from the Jersey Shore on Monday evening, with a wonderful tan I might add, and relaxed before a busy week of work. This week, since there was no work on Monday, I tried to get all of my hours in in 4 days, which was a challenge that I did not succeed in. However, I did make up some of Monday, so it will help out my paycheck!

On Tuesday, I went jogging, and I unfortunately twisted my ankle in the stupidest way - after my jog i was crossing the street, and i wasn't watching where I was going and stepped on uneven pavement and twisted my ankle :( So no running for me for a few more days while my ankle heals. I don't want to risk anything worse happening to it!

My best day this week was probably Thursday. First, I usually eat Lunch in the office, but Justin was in the area, so we went and got sandwiches and chatted. It was nice to get out of the office for a bit! Then that evening the lovely Meghna came up to see me and go out to dinner and drinks for some much needed gossip! We went to Campo, and then came back to my room with a bottle of wine to watch Glee and Chicago! It was a very relaxing evening to spend, which I much needed.

This weekend won't be anything too busy, but the most exciting thing happening is my sister and her boyfriend are moving up to NYC! Tomorrow I am going down to get the keys for their apartment for them (I'm so nice), and they get into the city Sunday afternoon! It will be fun to live in the same city as my sister again ( it's been 7 years since we've lived in the same place for more than a summer). She will be down in Brooklyn, so I'll be subwaying it down there occasionally! Hopefully I might see Laura at some point as well this weekend!

Well I will try to update more often, but work doesn't lead to the most interesting posts! Perhaps this weekend will bring some funny stories to share. In a week I will be home, which will DEFINITELY bring interesting stories, so keep checking in! Love to all!

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